The Eggceptional Kad-berry

Easter time is near!! You know what that means??? Vegan Kadberry Eggs. Delicious creme filled chocolate eggs made by yours truly and served to your hands.



I will be making these for my Hampton Roads, Virginia crowd next week (04-02-2105). If you are part of that crowd and would like to purchase some, fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you!


These chocolates come in both mini and regular size (prices below)

and in a variety of flavors such as:


Peanut Butter











(And anything else you would like to request) 

For Hampton Roads peeps (ha! get it, it’s Easter) : If you don’t see this in enough time and would still like to purchase these decedent treats, don’t worry. Simply fill out the form below with you name, email, and what kind/ how much you would like and I will bring them down for the next month.

For Richmond / Henrico, VA crowd: If you see this and would like to order some fill out the form below and we can set up a time to meet.


Minis: 6 for $4, 12 for $7, 24 for $12

Regulars: 3 for $5, 6 for $10, 12 for $18, 24 for $24


Indian Quinoa Chili

Indian quinoa chiliEver wondered what you would get if you mixed curry in your chili?? Well, I can tell you it is amazing! I served this up on Saturday to about 100 people at Richmond Animal League’s Sugar and Spice event and it went like crazy. I also served Italian chili and Mexican chili, but neither came anywhere close to the popularity of this unknown combination.

Another good thing about this recipe is that it’s cheap! This serving makes a large pot that could serve a family of six easily with the cost being around $8 for the entire meal (that equals out to approx $1.33 per person). Speaking of families, if you are serving this up to kids I would recommend cutting out the cayenne pepper.

Oh, and did I mention it’s healthy for you also. If you’re one of those worried about their protein intake this recipe has about 10g per serving! Take that Mr. “Where do you get your protein??”

If you don’t have a large family and are simply serving yourself, don’t worry the left-overs are completely freezable (which means good for preplanning, also.)

All-in-all a recipe worth trying out. If you find the spiciness too much simply cut back the cayenne, if you find it not enough go ahead and tweak it to your liking.

Hope you enjoy and like always happy cruelty-free cooking!!



Poppyseed 2

This is the new foster pot belly pig named Poppyseed. I am unsure of his age but do know a little about his background. Poppy came from a nice warm home with a woman that was unable to care for him due to a neighbor’s complaint. Instead of looking for the best home for him she simply handed him over to the nearest farmer she knew.

Once he arrived at this farm he was placed in an outside hunting dog run where his only shelter was a plastic trashcan. This trashcan was so slippery he was unable to get up to reach the little food he was given. He was outside in the freezing cold for three weeks. His weight went from 50 pounds to 29.

A kind woman took her time to go out to the farm to rescue him. The farmer was completely willing to get rid of him. Since the woman was unable to take him into her home herself we offered ours. When we picked him up Sunday afternoon he was wheezing, covered in dirt and sawdust, completely unable to stand by himself, eyes encrusted with infection, and started defecating in the blanket in which he was wrapped. A very sad sight to see.

We quickly found a vet that would see a pot belly pig on a Sunday afternoon.  The closest one so happened to be two hours away. Poppy was in such bad health we were unable to wait one more day. We took the time to drive the two hours to the vet. Once we got there we swiftly carried him in. After the vet did various tests and gave him an antibiotic shot the results were relieving. Other than being extremely emaciated the only thing wrong was an upper respiratory infection.

We drove him home, set up a nice warm bed and fed him a mixture of pig pellets, mashed banana, and juice. For the first time all day he stood up excited to receive the food, warmth, and love we were willing to give him. As long as he is under our roof he will be a happy, cute, and snorty pot belly pig!

As of right now we are asking everyone to help out any way they can. We started a Go Fund Me page (click here to go to it) for Poppyseed and believe me when I say we are extremely appreciative of every single penny raised. Thank you so much!

Richmond Animal League Sugar and Spice

An event to benefit Richmond Animal League. There will be booths from Blanchard’s Coffee, Carytown Cupcakes, Coriander,  Duck Donuts, F.W. Sullivans, Joe’s Inn at Bon Air, Mexico Restaurant, Mosaic, Nile @ Portrait HouseRostov’s Coffee & TeaSticky ToGoGo , Sweet Bella BakeryWPA Bakery and many more.

We will be offering samples of various items. I, myself, will be serving up vegan quinoa chili.

In conjunction with delicious food there will also be a small art exhibit and auction.

Tickets are $35, not including bar costs.

Event page:

Cruelty Free Kitchen

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Cruelty Free Kitchen and wanted to write a little post about them. CFK is a “pop-up” cafe around the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. Now, if you don’t understand that term don’t worry, I’ll explain. A “pop-up” cafe is an organization that cooks dinners to raise money for charities. CFK has been doing this now for 9 months with one event per month. They started out small, but grew very quickly, going from 30 people to the most recent being over 100 people. The dinner is all donation based and raised specifically for animal welfare organizations.  On average they raise $400 per event for the charity of choice. The last event was in combination with an art show that was held at VA Beach SPCA.

Now, I haven’t even gotten to the most exciting party: the food! I can’t even begin to explain how mouth wateringly delicious the food is. They offer an array of health conscious treats that makes your mind and body feel amazing! (Go here to see their next event and the food they will be preparing.) Some of their food included lentil gravy and biscuits, tossed mixed greens with roasted quinoa and hibiscus dressing, and saffron steeped cauliflower soup with persillade among others.

In the coming months I hope to be working with them more. Traveling down to VA Beach to help them cook and serve the food. I am very excited to be a part of this amazing and kind venture. So be prepared to see more posts about this organization! And please show your support on their Facebook page here.

Happy cruelty free cooking!